SmallPlugin is plugin for Mediachance Multimedia Builder. Plugins expand the functionality of MMB, and with their help your project gets additional flexibility and power. Unfortunately many plugins have too big size of the file while SmallPlugin is really compact - its size is about 15 Kb. You can embed SmallPlugin in your project even if you don't use it at all!
25.06.2016 Update 1.8.8
12.11.2009 Version 1.8
ADDITIONS: FIXES: CHANGES: Main features: Demos and documentation:
SmallPlugin's package contains some useful and interesting demos which can help you to get familiar with plugin's commands. And of course don't forget to look into SmallPlugin's help file if you want to get detailed description of some command.

Getting support:
You can ask for help at - it's a very nice place where you always can find helpful people.

Download link:

SmallPlugin 1.8.8

Thank you for visiting this page and using SmallPlugin in your projects! Don't forget to look here again for the new info and updates.

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